Welcome to sadimedia international

SADI MEDIA INTERNATIONAL(SMI Group) centres its activity on creating, developing and distributing promotional products and corporate gifts .
With established headquarters in FRANCE and CAMEROON,
 SMI Group is present in 12 countries and already has offices in 08 countries in Africa.
1993 The company is  founded by  Mr IGEDI Oseni Ambali
2004 SADI MEDIA GABON is inaugurated.
2006 SADI MEDIA CENTRAFRIQUE is inaugurated
2007 SADI MEDIA DRC is inaugurated
2008 SADI MEDIA CONGO is inaugurated
2009 A procurement office is inaugurated in Yiwu near  Shanghai(CHINA).
2010 Opening of SADI MEDIA NIGER
2011  SADI MEDIA TCHAD is inaugurated.
2013 SADI MEDIA NIGERIA is launched
2014 The PARIS office is opened

To contribute decisively towards making the promotional product an instrument of excellence in the advertising and promotional world.


Client – Long term partnerships, foregrounded with a “we can do” attitude.

Team – Permanent team spirit, contributing to the growth of the business and its people.

Excellence – To serve the client with quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Integrity – Respect others at all times, be confident, open and pragmatic.

Creativity – Innovate in finding solutions, asking the right questions and discovering the answers.


Strong leadership based on a culture of participatory management and committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism within the company.

Focuses its activity on the client, trying to anticipate new market trends; creates strategies for good communication within the company and with customers.

A cohesive and prepared team.
The first contact for those seeking products and SMI Group services.
Always available to support clients in their choices and needs.

Sets the purchasing strategy and selects the supplier network.
It is also responsible for quality control of products.
Manages the transport network and ensures the most appropriate choice for each shipment within our network.

Ensures efficient management of the entire stock of the company and guarantees fast shipping processing.
Storage and Logistics
SMI Group  has a modern and efficient logistic system that allows fast and personalized order shipping.
SMI Group  works with multinational logistic companies that have “track & trace” system, assuring efficiency rates higher than 98%.

 Prospects markets and selects the products that best suit each market segment.
 Develops the planning and conception of catalogs.
 Designs unique products that integrate the catalogs.

  1. More than 45 000 references in permanent stock.
  2. Exclusive design products
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Quality assurance

SMI Group has always been concerned about offering products that provide for different client needs.
There is a continuum effort on the growth and improvement of its product collection.
Every SMI Group catalog gathers articles developed under high standards at very competitive prices for every segment of the market..

Each gift is unique and that is why SMI Group provides to all its clients a set of services that allow them to create products totally adapted to suit the individual needs of brands.
In-house printing and engraving of the Company products under high quality standard.

This method consists of indirect transfer of ink by means of a mould which has been engraved in low relief.
This is the most common method used on small objects such as pens.
Due to its versatility, it adapts to curvilinear forms and is the most economical solution for various products.

Screen printing is a printing technique which provides trustworthy and long lasting results.
A method of printing designs on a surface by means of a thin cloth on which ink is forced through with a rubber pad.
This method may be used on smooth surfaces; printing in high definition even with more than one color. Recommended for large quantities.

A method similar to silkscreen printing, however optimize to be used on textile.

This method consists of transferring a printed design on paper onto another surface by means of heat.
Enables even results on various types of fabrics and is very economic for multicolour printing on small quantities.

Laser engraving is a precise and long lasting method.
The laser beams engrave the design on hard surfaces.
Besides metal, it can also be used on wood, leather/PU and glass with exquisite and elegant results.

The well-known embroidery technique allows customization on good quality fabrics with great quality and perfection.
Embroidery replicates designs with a large variety of colors and distinct lines.

Sublimation transfers a design from paper onto another surface by means of heat.
Sublimation has the advantage of being able to be used on concave surfaces, producing well defined designs (ideal for photographic reproduction).
It also results in a design highly resistant to extreme temperatures.

sadi media international  Online

  1. Available 24/7
  2. Access to all SMI  catalogues
  3. Detailed information on each product
  4. Advanced search by specific criteria
  5. Featured novelties and promotions

SMI group focuses on periodic online communication by means of newsletters including all novelties, sales, and corporate information.

a company, a team

A dynamic team at your service
A very competent crew
A team working hard to deliver the best service


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